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Application Process


Updated 10/2/2013

Housing Application Process 
Academic School Year 2014 - 2015
Language Houses

All applications for residential housing must be done directly through the Student Housing Office.  Changes to the application process for housing for school year 2014-15 has been changed.  Due to these new changes, applications will not be accepted at the French Department or at the French House. 

Students applying for housing will:

  • Indicate which residential college or language houses
  • Rank by order of preference
  • Submit to Student Housing Office


  • November 6    Deadline for current residents to apply for the same room or same focused
  • November 7    Housing offers extended for same room/same focused community
  • November 15  Deadline for new applicants
                         (this includes students currently living in a focused community that wish
    to apply to a new program)
  • December 5    Housing offers extended for new focused community applicants

The Maison committee will start reviewing applications and scheduling interviews after November 18th. If students are accepted to any of the selected programs, then email notifications will be sent out fo the student to review and sign a contract.